Tyler Phipps was a driven and bright young man in the prime of his life and career. His commitment to success was evident at a young age. He received many accolades and praises throughout his life. After his completion of college, Tyler went on to work for his father’s company, Market Fresh Produce in the procurement division. In his 9 years with Market Fresh, he wore many hats as he climbed the ladder of success. Tyler grew from being on the procurement staff to the Director of Procurement and later moving to the Director of Field Operations as well as the General Manager of the Monett, MO facility. His last step was Senior Director of Sourcing, which was far from where his potential was taking him. He sacrificed by working various positions for the better of the company, and never complained once.
Titles and recognition were never on his agenda.

Tyler fostered no sense of entitlement but rather believed that a man should work as hard as he plays and that he should not bask in his successes but share his joy with his fellow employees. Tyler loved the produce industry. He was very active in the Market Fresh, always striving to help the company achieve more. He was eager to learn while never acting like his idea was better than any of those who reported to him. He was present at every tradeshow the company would attend and was honored to attend the PMA Executive Leadership Symposium on behalf of Market Fresh in 2012. Tyler was very passionate about Market Fresh Produce, not because his dad had built the company, but because he believed in the vision and mission
for which the company stood for.

"I would use 3 words to describe Tyler. "Work Ethic" and "Hustle." He practiced just like he played. Tyler never took a play or a pitch off. He gave his teammates and coaches everything he had.
He truly was a coach’s dream!"

-- Mike Essick, Ozark HS