Tyler Phipps Memorial Scholarship Foundation

Integrity, commitment, faithfulness and humility are just a few words that embodied Tyler Phipps.  This professional, charismatic young man’s bright future took an unexpected path to meet our Lord on September 26, 2015. In honor of Tyler, the Tyler Phipps Memorial Scholarship Foundation has been established to provide funds to assist in advanced education in the Agriculture or Produce Industries. Though he may be gone, he will never be forgotten.


"No father could be more proud of his Son than I was of mine. When at times I was a weak leader he was patient, kind, and long-suffering. In the 30 years my Son was on this earth I never once hung my head in shame but rather stood amazed that I could have a Son like him. While at times I thought I was coaching/mentoring him to become a great leader, the reversal happened and he shaped the character of this far below average CEO. Words can’t describe the pain of my loss but also the pride of saying “Tyler Phipps was my Son!!!"

— Steve Phipps, Father


The Tyler Phipps Foundation is thrilled to announce this years recipients for our three scholarship opportunities:

Congratulations Hannah Jenkins!!

On behalf of the Tyler Phipps Memorial Foundation, we are pleased to announce Hannah Jenkins as the recipient of the college scholarship for the 2017-2018 academic year. This scholarship will be awarded to an institution of Hannah’s choice in the amount of $3,500.  Hannah is President of the Ozark FFA chapter, a member of the National Honors Society, and an A+ tutor at her school.

high school scholarship.jpg


Congratulations Alberto Diaz!!

The Tyler Phipps Memorial Scholarship Foundation has selected Alberto Diaz, the Managing Director of Spring Valley Fruits as the second recipient of the Center for Growing Talent by PMA 2017 Executive Leadership Conference Scholarship. The scholarship will cover the registration cost of attending the Executive Leadership Symposium, which will be held May 16-17, 2017 in Dallas, TX. 

Congratulations Austin Coy!!

We are so proud to announce the winner of the Tyler Phipps Memorial York College Scholarship, Austin Coy. He was one out of three outstanding finalists to chosen from the entire wrestling team at York College. This $5,000 scholarship will be awarded to York College in Nebraska to a wrestler who best exhibits the outstanding characteristics and attributes that made Tyler Phipps who he was while here on earth. 


Tyler Phipps was loved by many and appreciated by all.  He was a man of integrity and dedication. Even when he meet challenges, he never gave up and always pushed on. He was known to be a humble man and always there when you needed him no matter the situation. He was one of the most loving, thoughtful, and kind people. His great big smile and infectious laugh would light up a room.

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