Tyler Phipps was loved by many and appreciated by all.  He was a man of integrity and dedication. Even when he meet challenges, he never gave up and always pushed on. He was known to be a humble man and always there when you needed him no matter the situation. He was one of the most loving, thoughtful, and kind people. His great big smile and infectious laugh would light up a room.

In his younger years Tyler loved playing baseball. He attended Ozark High School, where he played on the baseball team and later joined the wrestling team. He went on to attend York College in Nebraska on a wrestling scholarship where he received his bachelor’s degree. Tyler and his teams won many awards throughout his high school and collegiate career. Tyler was always a team leader in areas of work ethic and personal integrity! He truly loved life and lived it to the fullest. Life was an adventure to him and he was a lover of the outdoors; hiking, camping, fishing, floating, and hunting. His favorite baseball team was the St. Louis Cardinals and enjoyed watching them play as many times as he could.

Tyler was a man of faith and family. He was always the one getting everyone together and cherished every moment he spent with his family. He left behind an extended family; his father, mother, 2 brothers, wife, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and so many friends. Tyler was the best son, brother, husband, and friend you could ask for.

"In 28 years of coaching several sports at the high school level, I was lucky enough to coach many excellent athletes, many hard working athletes and many athletes who were just fine young men.
Tyler Phipps takes a back seat to none of them.

In four years of coaching Tyler, I never remember him taking a "day off", be in a foul mood or not come to practice willing to give 110% to getting better. But he was more than just an athlete   willing to sacrifice to improve, he was always willing to work with younger or lesser quality athletes to make them better as well and this giving nature is part of what really set him apart. On the mat, he knew how to turn on the competitor in him, but off he was a great teammate, a great friend and what every coached dreamed of coaching.  In the world of athletics we often hear of the impact the coach has on the athlete.
Where Tyler is concerned, I think of the impact he had on me."

-- Mike Jackson, Ozark HS